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Projects of Principal Investigator Borth

Open Research Projects

PhD student

Synthetic biology tools to control expression of multiple genes in a pathway open
Mechanisms of control of endogenous gene expression open

Ongoing Research Projects

PhD student

Understanding the source of variation in protein N-glycosylation patterns of recombinant proteins generated in CHO cells Nina Bydlinski
Productivity optimisation of CHO cells by epigenome alterations Peter Eisenhut
Quantitative metabolic flux analysis in CHO cells Diana Szeliova
Change of the Global Methylation Pattern to Alter the Growth Phenotype of CHO-CellsBackground Marcus Weinguny
Establishment of a hyper-secreting eukaryotic protein production system as alternative cell factory for biotherapeutics Michael Coats

Completed Research Projects

PhD student

Genomic rearrangements in CHO producer cell lines Inma Hernandez-Lopez
Investigation and Enhancement of Growth Characteristics of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells

Gerald Klanert