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Projects of Principal Investigator Obinger

Open Research Projects

PhD student

Allosteric molecular recognition to improve tumor specificity open
Unbreakable - introducing different enzymatic functions into a highly stable heme-binding protein from Sulfolobus solfataricus open

Ongoing Research Projects

PhD student

Biochemistry of actinobacterial coproheme decarboxylase (ChdC) from Corynebacterium diphteriae Hanna Michlits
Structural and mechanistic studies on chlorite dismutase (Cld) from Cyanothece sp. PCC7425 Daniel Schmidt
Divergent evolution of the CDE superfamily − analysis of the structural and functional relationship between chlorite dismutases and dye-decolorizing peroxidases Vera Pfanzagl
Biochemistry of invertebrate peroxidasins Benjamin Sevcnikar
Developing rcSso7d-based chimeric antigen receptors Charlotte Brey
Developing rcSso7d-based inhibitory receptors for improving the specificity and safety NKG2D-CAR-T cells Benjamin Salzer

Completed Research Projects

PhD student

Structural and functional characterisation of a novel bacterial peroxidase with homology to human heme peroxidases Andrea Nicolussi
Structural and functional characterization of Fcab-antigen interaction Elisabeth Lobner
Comparative structural and functional studies on chlorite dismutases and DyP-type peroxidases Irene Schaffner
Human peroxidasins − new multidomain oxidoreductases in the vascular system

Monika Soudi

Biocatalysis of chlorite dismutation − functional and structural studies on new peculiar heme enzymes of high practical relevance for bioremediation

Stefan Hofbauer

New generations of monoclonal antibodies based on the Fc-fragment of IgG1 − loop engineering and library design of immunoglobulin domains

Christoph Hasenhindl

Engineering the interface of Fab fragments

Sylvia Dietrich
Dagmar Brugger

Functional studies on catalase-peroxidases and design of mechanism-based inhibitors

Bernhard Gasselhuber