Save the Show - The BioToP Song

This song was written by the BioToP Deputy Speaker LUKAS MACH (Lyrics) and his nephew SIMON (Music)



first there were two days filled with dreams and tension
our hopes would be followed by sparks of attention
the heat stressed us and our brothers
needed punch and good luck to top all the others

we loved the time of the annual retreat
students and peers, relaxed and upbeat
these days meant buzz of all sorts
nothing was more fun than these fancy sports


we asked for much and got it all
we worked a lot and did never fall
we have felt low and sometimes down
but in the end we took the crown

we asked for much and had a ball
we worked her hard still got it all
if we ever felt a little low
Christa found a way to save the show


Panhans, close to a steep ski slope
mastered the mean downhill after a deal of bar dope
two of us dug through deep white snow
wanted to go nude in a pool, but some said no

then we were in the friendly Retz
went without workout - enjoyed wine and wild cats
in Rust a hailstorm surged, but we didn't know
that a small old church would save the show


seminars on Thursday night
gave us head- and heartache
soon we understood that we had to fight
and to never take a break
we knew that it was meant to be now or never
let’s hope for BioToP to stay alive forever!


(save the show)
(save the show)
(save the show)