International PhD program in protein biotechnology

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BioToP offers an inter- and multi-disciplinary research-based doctoral education at the interface of basic and applied science in the field of protein biotechnology.

BioToP provides comprehensive and thorough up-to-date research training in the fields of

  • structure-function analysis, engineering and design of proteins

  • protein synthesis, targeting and post-translational modifications

  • expression systems and cell factories

  • bioinformatics and molecular modelling

Integration of this complementary expertise into a network will foster a translational approach, involving both basic and applied research, with the ultimate goal of rational improvement of industrially relevant protein expression systems for their use in biotechnological processes.


May 22-25, 2022
European Congress on BioTechnology (ECB) in Maastricht
Tuesday, May, 24th BioToP symposium

July 5-8, 2022
Oxizymes in Siena
Tuesday, July, 5th BioToP Session 16:00-18:00

Latest News

Jessica Virginia received a Marietta Blau Scholarship
The Marietta Blau Grant offers financial support for six- to twelve-month study period abroad for PhD students of Austrian universities. Jessica is supervised by Clemens Peterbauer, she is investigating a Novel Flavoprotein oxidoreductase from bacterial source Jessica is planning to go for 6 month to Toronto. She will be working in Emma Master's group. Emma Master researches microbial enzymes for tailor-made processes to convert plant-biomass-derived molecules to novel high-value compounds. During her research stay, Jessica aims to couple two novel GMC enzymes with transaminases to synthesize aminated carbohydrates.