BioToP offers a structered educational programme involving 15 Principal Investigators (PIs) and 14 Associated Faculty Members all dedicated to support the enrolled students in every aspect of their studies. Each PhD student is exposed to many research topics, and has access to the scientific expertise of five departments and to a large number of different experimental techniques already established in the participating laboratories.

PhD students are trained to understand the complexity of protein science and biotechnology and recognize the relationship and interdependence between protein (bio)chemistry, protein engineering and design, protein targeting and post-translational modification, homo- and heterologous protein expression, establishment and optimization of cell factories, bioinformatics and molecular modelling.

Educational Program (180 ECTS)

  ECTS Compulsory Optional ECTS
PhD Thesis 138 yes   138
Basic Courses (I-IV) 3 yes   12
Seminar to Basic Coursex (I-IV) 1 yes   4
Instructional Courses 3 yes   6
Journal Club 1 yes   4
Doctoral Seminar 1 yes   4
Optional Lectures/Courses 3   yes 6
Auxillary and Soft Skill Training 2   yes 6


Additionally, BioToP will organize ANNUAL RETREATS for all participating students, PIs and Associated Faculty Members. The three-day retreat will be held outside Vienna, where a casual atmosphere shall intensify academic and social ties among participants. All students must present their data to the audience during this retreat. The members of the International Advisory Board will participate in discussions about the progress achieved in the ongoing BioToP projects and in evaluations of the theses.

Strongly suggested for each PhD student is a RESEARCH STAY ABROAD of approximately six months. The existing networks and international collaborations of the BioToP PIs and Associated Faculty Members will guarantee that the students have ample opportunities for stays abroad in well-reputed labs in the field.

All PhD students have to attend three International Scientific Meetings during their enrolment. In order to receive funding from BioToP for these activities, an original contribution (oral presentation or poster) has to be presented.