Academic Year 2016/17

The following lectures will be offered in the academic year 2016/17.
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Doctoral Seminar

Every Thursday at 5 pm - starting from Thursday, 6th October 2016.

These seminars are for BioToP students only!

Basic Course I - Analysis, Design and Engineering of Proteins (772401)

Lecturers: Dietmar Haltrich, Paul Kosma, Christian Obinger, Clemens Peterbauer, Florian Rüker, Christina Schäffer, Kristina Djinovic-Carugo

Dates: 03.10. - 06.10. and 10.10.-13.10., 9 am - 1 pm

For further informatiion and detailed time table see "Basic Course I"


Basic Course I is open for all doctoral students of BOKU!

Seminar to Basic Course I (750405)

Lecturers: Dietmar Haltrich, Paul Kosma, Christina Schaeffer, Christian Obinger, Peterbauer, Florian Rüker

Instructional Course IA - Spectroscopic Analysis of Proteins (772409)

IC IA will be held from 14.11.2016 - 18.11.2016

Lecturers: Paul Furtmüller, Christa Jakopitsch, Stefan Hofbauer

Instructional Course IIIB - Applied Virology

IC IIIB will be held: 24.11.+25.11. and 28.11.-30.11., full day

Lecturers: Stefan Heinl, Margit Laimer, Fatemeh Maguly

Instructional Course IVB - Next Generation Sequencing

IC IVB will be held from 30.01.-03.02.2016

Lecturers: Heinz Himmelbauer, Juliane Dohm, Nancy Stralis-Pavese

Journal Club

Every Thursday 5 pm

Basic Course II - Biosynthesis, Post-translational Modification and Trafficking of recombinant Proteins (941402)

Lecturers: Friedrich Altmann, Lukas Mach, Iain Wilson, Richard Srasser, Eva Stöger

Basic Course II is open for all doctoral students of BOKU!

Dates: 13.-02., 15.02. - 17.02. and 20.-23.02. 2017 , 9 am - 1 pm

For more details: Schedule Basic Course II

Seminar to Basic Course II (941406)

Lecturers: Eva Stoeger, Richard Srasser

Part I: 24.02., from 09:00 - 12:00

Part II:Practicals in Cell Imaging in small groups, dates tba

Instructional Course IB – Protein Design by Directed Evolution (750410, 3 ECTS)

Lecturers: Dietmar Haltrich, Clemens Peterbauer, Florian Rüker, Gordana Wozniak-Knopp

Dates: 08.05.-12.05.2017

Instructional Course IIA - Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Proteins and Proteomics (772411)

IC IIA will be held from 27.03.-31.03.2017

Lecturers: Friedrich Altmann, Stephan Hann, Causen Tim, Gruenwald-Gruber Clemens, Troyer Christina

Instructional Course IIB – Protein Secretion and Endocytosis (941412, 3 ECTS)

Lecturer: Lukas Mach

Expression of a recombinant protein in mammalian cells, characterization of its subcellular localization, determination of its secretion kinetics and half-life, assessment of its fate after endocytosis. Methods to be applied include cell culture, metabolic labelling, immunoprecipitation, electrophoresis, subcellular fractionation and fluorescence microscopy.  

Dates: 19.-23.06.2017 , 9 am - 5 pm