Management Board

The MANAGEMENT BOARD functions as management unit of the DK-plus BioToP. It leads the administrative and financial businesses and has the full responsibility for the defined quality standards in both teaching and research.

It serves as a strategy group with the aim to identify scientific topics relevant for future developments of BioToP. It is responsible for all reports to the FWF and to BOKU, and to all matters of public relations.

Faculty Members:

Christian Obinger
Dietmar Haltrich
Lukas Mach
Diethard Mattanovich
Reingard Grabherr
Alois Jungbauer

Margareta Furtmüller
Christa Jakopitsch

Student Members:
Charlotte Brey
Leander Sützl
Thomas Gassler

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee has advisory functions to the Management Board in all aspects of the Curriculum. It has to provide suggestions for improving the quality of the BioToP curriculum as well as the quality of teaching performance to the Management Board and supports the Coordinator in organisation of courses and exams.

Faculty Members:

Nicole Borth
Dietmar Haltrich
Richard Strasser

Student Members:

Benjamin Salzer
Kathrin Göritzer

Board of Appeal

In case of serious problems and conflicts between students and supervisors each member of BioToP has the right to bring the problem to the notice of the Board of Appeal.Moreover, all aspects of mobbing, gender- and minority-related offences and discriminations, and suspicion of violating the rules of Good Scientific Practice should be reported to a member of the Board of Appeal. Each board member has the duty to report the case to the entire Board which has to investigate each case and try to find consensual solutions for the problem.

Faculty Members:

Nicole Borth

Chris Oostenbrink

Student Members:

Laura Montero Morales

Philipp Mundsperger