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Projects of Principal Investigator Mattanovich

Open Research Projects

PhD student

Control of glycolysis in Crabtree-negative and positive yeasts open
Folding of recombinant bacterial RuBisCO open

Ongoing Research Projects

PhD student

Introduction of unnatural amino acids in recombinant proteins with the yeast Pichia pastoris Nora Tir
Characterization of microbial methanol metabolism Domen Zavec
Metabolic engineering of Pichia pastoris Thomas Gassler

Completed Research Projects

PhD student

Engineering Pichia pastoris for antibody surface display Lina Heistinger
Regulation of heterologous protein production in relation to cell growth

Corinna Rebnegger

Interrelation of core metabolism with the production of heterologous proteins in yeast

Justyna Nocon