Projects of Area 4 - Bioinformatics and molecular modelling

List of ongoing PhD research projects:

Mechanistic synergism between bacterial pyranose oxidase and peroxidase in lignin depolymerization   Chris Oostenbrink Enikö Hermann
Thermodynamics for allosteric modulation   Chris Oostenbrink Oriol Gracia i Carmona
Free-energy calculations in metalloproteins   Chris Oostenbrink Bettina Lier
Protein solubility in buffers with kosmotropic salts and polyols   Alois Jungbauer Leo Jakob

List of completed PhD research projects:
Genomic and epigenomic analysis of a plant-based expression platform for recombinant glycoproteins   Heinz Himmelbauer Matteo Schiavinato
Partitioning of virus-like particles and protein superstructures in charged hydrogels   Alois Jungbauer Patricia Aguilar
Changing the substrate specifity of lytic polysaccharide monooxygeanse   Chris Oostenbrink Erik Breslmayr
Modelling and simulations of glycosylated proteins   Chris Oostenbrink Aysegül Turupcu
Advanced molecular modeling tools to quantify protein-protein interactions   Chris Oostenbrink Manuela Maurer
Efficient free energy and enhanced sampling calculations of protein-protein interactions   Chris Oostenbrink Zuzana Jandova
Influence of surface curvature on unfolding of proteins on nanoparticles   Alois Jungbauer Peter Satzer
Modelling of interactions in miRNA and gene expression and target validation   David Kreil Smriti Shridhar
Contribution of enthalpy and entropy in molecular association   Chris Oostenbrink Balder Lai
Structure and dynamics of cellobiose dehydrogenase and cytochrome P450   Chris Oostenbrink Gabor Nagy