Projects of Area 3 - Expression systems and cell factories

List of open PhD research projects:

Alternative methanol assimilation in methylotrophic yeasts   Stephan Hann Diethard Mattanovich open
Impact of cellular redox state on protein production and secretion in yeast   Brigitte Gasser J├╝rgen Zanghellini open

List of ongoing PhD research projects:

Introduction of unnatural amino acids in recombinant proteins with the yeast Pichia pastoris   Diethard Mattanovich Nora Tir
Understanding the source of variation in protein N-glycosylation patterns of recombinant proteins generated in CHO cells   Nicole Borth Nina Bydlinski
Productivity optimisation of CHO cells by epigenome alterations   Nicole Borth Peter Eisenhut
Quantitative metabolic flux analysis in CHO cells   Nicole Borth Diana Szeliova
Change of the Global Methylation Pattern to Alter the Growth Phenotype of CHO-CellsBackground   Nicole Borth Marcus Weinguny
Establishment of a hyper-secreting eukaryotic protein production system as alternative cell factory for biotherapeutics   Nicole Borth Michael Coats
Cellular Mechanisms of Regulation   Brigitte Gasser Sonakshi De
Characterization of transcriptional regulatory proteins   Brigitte Gasser Diane Barbay
Rational systems design of protein-producing yeasts: eliminating metabolic limitations   Brigitte Gasser David Pena
Generation and presentation of membrane protein targets using influenza virus−like particles   Reingard Grabherr Nika Lisa
In silico guided humanization of antibodies   Renate Kunert Linda Schwaigerlehner
Defined gp140 trimers as HIV vaccine   Renate Kunert Philipp Mundsperger
Characterization of microbial methanol metabolism   Diethard Mattanovich Domen Zavec
Metabolic engineering of Pichia pastoris   Diethard Mattanovich Thomas Gassler
Enzyme scaffolding and cellular compartments for metabolic engineering endeavours   Michael Sauer Bernd Albrecht
Understanding molecular transport processes for improved metabolic engineering approaches   Michael Sauer Dominik Jeschek
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and glycosylation   Herta Steinkellner Laura Montero Morales
Development of a seed-based strategy for the design of a mucosal vaccine against S. pneumoniae   Eva Stöger Marc Tschofen
Protein-liposome conjugates as novel HIV vaccine candidates   Karola Vorauer-Uhl Ehsan Suleiman

List of completed PhD research projects:
Understanding and controlling the expression of recombinant oligomeric immunoglobulins   Renate Kunert Julia Hennicke
Molecular engineering of baculoviral based protein expression in insect cells     Reingard Grabherr Krisztina Koczka
Genomic rearrangements in CHO producer cell lines   Nicole Borth Inmaculada Hernandez-Lopez
Engineering Pichia pastoris for antibody surface display   Diethard Mattanovich Lina Heistinger
Plant glyco-engineering towards synthesis of recombinant proteins with polysialylated N-glycans   Herta Steinkellner Somanath Kallolimath
Investigation and Enhancement of Growth Characteristics of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells   Nicole Borth Gerald Klanert
Generation and presentation of membrane protein targets using baculovirus surface display   Reingard Grabherr Monika Wilde
Influenza virus−like particles as antigen carrier platform for conserved influenza viral epitopes   Reingard Grabherr Miriam Klausberger
Cross−Species Comparison of Expression Systems   Reingard Grabherr Andreas Maccani
Directed evolution of CHO host and production cell lines   Johannes Grillari Eva Harreither
MicroRNOMics of CHO host and production cell lines   Johannes Grillari Vaibhav Jadhav
Yeast Cell Wall Characterisation   Gunda Köllensperger Evelyn Rampler
Quantitative Metabolomics by LC–MS   Gunda Köllensperger Karin Ortmayr
Regulation of the expression of recombinant pentameric IgMs   Renate Kunert Veronika Chromikova
Powerful expression of recombinant proteins   Renate Kunert Wolfgang Sommeregger
Influence of amino acid sequence on growth and secretion of recombinant CHO cell lines   Renate Kunert Patrick Mayrhofer
Regulation of heterologous protein production in relation to cell growth   Diethard Mattanovich Corinna Rebnegger
Interrelation of core metabolism with the production of heterologous proteins in yeast   Diethard Mattanovich Justyna Nocon
Antibody production in seed tissues: evaluating the subcellular deposition, N−glycan modification and functionality   Eva Stöger Stanislav Melnik
Artificial storage organelles for the optimal production of biopharmaceuticals in plants and plant cells   Eva Stöger Anna Hofbauer